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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words



The latest infographic from Residential Options of Florida (ROOF) is a stark reminder of the impending housing crisis Floridians will face in the coming years if we fail to act.  With one out of three individuals with developmental disabilities currently living with a caregiver age 60 or over, it is not hard to envision the coming tsunami of over 77,000 individuals who will soon need affordable housing.  Are we prepared? What can be done now to avert this looming crisis?

This week authorities in Collier County will hold a public meeting to identify community development priorities, affordable housing needs, and the factors that shape equal access to housing to include in their three-year local development plan. I look forward to taking part in this critical opportunity to speak out and call on local planners to prioritize affordable and inclusionary housing options for individuals with disabilities. 

Public hearings like the one that will take place in Collier County take place in communities across the state of Florida each year. Collectively, we can make a difference if we take advantage of these opportunities to voice our concerns and to advocate for greater housing options for individuals with disabilities.  Let’s speak up when local planners convene and want to know what community needs are most important to us and the people we care for.  

John Mattson
Program Specialist
Residential Options of Florida