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David and Carmelo Sign their Leases in Cape Coral!

Imagine the happy feeling that you would get if you sat down at a table to sign the lease to your very first room in your very first apartment living independently! Now, imagine doing this when it seems to be something that was never going to be a possibility in your life. Currently, there are 307,102 Floridians with Developmental Disabilities. Housing continues to be a crisis within the population of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with approximately 77,021 individuals in Florida who will need a care and place to live. Individuals with disabilities who rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) only average roughly $9,252 er year. This income is too low for these individuals to qualify for housing options. So, without options, most of these individuals end up institutionalized or living with family members.

This is where nonprofit organizations like ROOF come in. ROOF provides affordable options for individuals in the situation mentioned previously. In fact, the situation mentioned above is what led our new residents David and Carmelo to choose ROOF. Through the guidance of an organization called Community Homes and Hearts in Cape Coral, David and Carmelo were led to ROOF who provided them with the affordable housing option that they needed. The affordable housing option in addition to the caregivers in the homes make it possible for David and Carmelo to live independent lives in society.

We are ecstatic to have David and Carmelo join us! At ROOF, it is our mission is to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully obtain and maintain affordable and inclusionary housing of their choice. We hope that every community in Florida will have an abundance of housing choices that meet the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Welcome to ROOF David and Carmelo!