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Hurricane Preparation Tip #2: Create a Personal Support Network: “Self-Help Team”

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You cannot always predict where you will be when an emergency or hurricane takes place. Emergencies and disasters can strike quickly and force you to have to evacuate your home or neighborhood. For these reasons, it is important to create a personal support network or a “self-help team.” 

Your self-help team should be aware of your plans and needs if an emergency like a hurricane occurs. Your personal support network can help you identify and get the resources you need. Organizing a network that includes your home, school, workplace, volunteer site, and any other places you spend your time can help mediate the stress that an emergency brings. These people should know your capabilities and needs and be able to assist either during or after a disaster happens.  

Do not depend on only one person, include a minimum of three people in your network for each location where you regularly spend a lot of time. You should come up with a plan on how to contact your self-help team in case you do not have electricity. Your plan will be specific to your individual needs but having this discussion will help ensure that you able to contact and stay connected to your self-help team.  

Stay tuned for more hurricane preparedness tips to come.