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Hurricane Preparation Tip #3: Create a Checklist

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The first step to prepare for any hurricane is to stay informed as the storm approaches. Pay close attention to trustworthy news sources so you can prepare accordingly.

Whether you decide to stay in your home during a hurricane or evacuate, you will need to have supplies readily available.

Always have a flashlight on hand with plenty of extra batteries in case your home loses power. Having a first aid kit is helpful in any instance. Make sure that your first aid kit is specific to you and your needs.

Your checklist will need to include what is most important to you during an emergency. It’s recommended that you have at least a 2 weeks supply of your regular prescription medications.

It’s helpful to have a printed map of the area around your home. On your map, you can label where your community’s emergency shelters are located.

Lastly, always keep a copy of your proof of residence in your home. It’s important that it remains in a waterproof, resealable container or bag so that it does not get ruined in a disaster.

Stay tuned for more hurricane preparedness tips to come.