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Hurricane Preparedness Tip #1: Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit

As Florida approaches the peak of hurricane season, it’s important to be prepared. Knowing the essentials of how to prepare can help save you and your family stress when a storm does approach. The best way to prepare is to plan ahead.

If you are someone with an intellectual or developmental disability, you are the best person to help plan for your own safety as you can best identify your needs for an emergency situation.


 One of the best ways to prepare yourself for an emergency situation is creating an emergency preparedness kit. This should have everything you need in the chance you will need to leave your home.

Your kit should include a list of your special needs and medical diagnoses, allergies, and instructions on how to use medical equipment needed. Also include a list of your medicines, the dosages, and instructions on how to administer.

Your kit should include your insurance information as well as an identification card with a photo. You will want to put together a contact list of your family members and doctors so that you can update your network of your plan and whereabouts in the case of an evacuation.

You may also like to create a larger emergency preparedness kit that holds nonperishable foods if your home loses electricity. This kit can hold canned vegetables, protein or granola bars, boxed food items, and bottled water.

Your emergency preparedness kit(s) can be customized to your needs. Sit down with a family member or caregiver to think about what you will need if you lose electricity or have to leave your home during a hurricane. 

Maintaining the kit and your emergency plan is crucial. If any changes take place within the year, be sure to update your information in your emergency kit.

Stay tuned for more hurricane preparedness tips to come.