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Hurricane Preparedness Tip #4: Protect Your Home

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Staying informed on news coverage and warnings issued by the government before a hurricane is critical. However, there is more to hurricane preparation than just staying informed. It is just as important to make sure your home is prepared and protected.

The benefits of properly preparing your home are obvious. The smallest opening in your home’s exterior can allow wind and rain into your home and ultimately lead to significant damage.

So, whether you plan on staying in your home during a hurricane or evacuating, we have tips to keep you and your home covered.

Bring items indoors

Bring lawn furniture, trash cans, garden equipment, hangings plants, and any other objects that may fly around indoors. These items can break a door or window, which are the two most vulnerable areas of your home during a hurricane.

Look for potential hazards

Look around the exterior of your home for obscure items such as coconuts, unripened fruit, broken tree branches, or other objects that could blow or break off in high winds.

Cover the outside of your windows with shutters or plywood

Make sure your windows or glass doors are impact-resistant and can withstand debris flying up to 100 mph. When covering windows with shutters or plywood, make sure to mount it to the wall around the window and not the windows frame.

Residential Options of Florida is sharing tips every week to minimize potential dangers in a hurricane scenario. Stay tuned for more tips on hurricane preparedness.