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Hurricane Tip #6: Post Hurricane

Throw out any food like canned items that were not kept at a proper temperature or have been exposed to floodwaters. Toss any expired or soiled food from the freezer or refrigerator that did not stay properly cold due to loss of electricity. Do not eat any food from a flooded garden. When in doubt, just toss it out.

Avoid drinking tap water until you know that it is fully safe to do so. If you are uncertain, boil or purify it first.

Clean out and disinfect everything that got wet. Any mud left from floodwater may potentially contain sewage, bacteria and chemicals. Dry out the building and any remaining contents that might have been affected by rain or water damage.

Use and wear appropriate protective equipment to avoid injury from any possible exposure to things like mold and bacteria. Some helpful items are: gloves, goggles, rubber boots and N95 masks.

Air out your residence by opening all doors and windows whenever you are home for ventilation. Allow yourself to have fresh air to breathe in from the outside. Do not leave any doors or windows open while your home is unattended.

Move out saturated porous materials like mattresses or upholstered items like chairs or couches. Be especially sure to remove any fabric items with visible fungal growth.

Have proper maintenance employees assist with tearing out flooring, paneling, drywall, insulation, and electrical outlets that were saturated by flood