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ROOF Board Member Campaigns for a Cause

ROOF Board Member Nicole Coratti proudly stated during her photography session, “My name is Nicole Coratti. I live in Naples. I am a lifelong advocate for people with special abilities. I am devoted to the issue of housing for everyone with any type of disability so that they may maintain their independence and dignity.” 
Nicole Coratti is running for Ms. Wheelchair Florida. Her platform is independent living for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Nicole explains, “My connection to ROOF has enabled me to inspire others to live independently and find the happiness that I have found with inclusive living. I am honored to share my journey and help touch as many lives as possible in the process.” 
Nicole lived with her family up until 2006 when she attended the University of Central Florida where she earned her Bachelor of Social Work. It was the disability office that introduced her to the Medicaid Waiver Program which allows the state to provide services to individuals in their homes, and in their communities. It had been a long journey toward getting independence and Nicole only wished that programs such as ROOF had been established when she was researching available resources. She now wants to spread the word to anyone willing to listen.
Nicole will have the opportunity to travel, make public appearances, and conduct interviews of her responsibilities. She also must be able to communicate both the needs and accomplishments of her constituency to the general public, business community and legislature. As Ms. Wheelchair Florida, Nicole will be able to promote awareness to individuals with or without disabilities in hopes of helping ROOF touch as many lives as possible.
Ms. Wheelchair Florida, Inc. serves as a platform for women in all 67 counties in Florida while also advocating for the 54 million Americans living with disabilities. The mission of Ms. Wheelchair Florida Inc. is to bring awareness to all people with disabilities and allow them to feel included in their community when it comes to employment, education, and housing. The non-profit program is run by dedicated volunteers throughout the country. They are dedicated to increasing public awareness so that all people will be able to have a valuable and meaningful life regardless of their disability.
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