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Two Residents Find a Home with ROOF – Exciting Times as Jodi and Rose Sign Their New Leases

January 13, 2020 marked a very special day for two excited ladies at ROOF, Jodi and Rose. Now officially renters of Liberty Place Naples, both women had gleaming smiles on their face as they signed their new lease agreements. Jodi and Rose will now enjoy a new level of independence and quality of life. ROOF looks forward to seeing how these women are progressing in the upcoming months. 

When the caregivers of the two women where asked what their favorite part about working with them was, they agreed that helping the women to have a fulfilling and independent life is what makes their job rewarding. Being part of something selfless and helping to change someone’s life for the better is something special to each of them. ROOF wishes Jodi and Rose a fulfilling journey in their new home with many memories to be made.