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Florida Housing Coalition Statewide Annual Conference

Each year, the FHC annual conference draws more than 700 housing professionals from all over the state, including representatives from business, government, banking, developers, and other affordable housing advocates in the for profit and nonprofit sectors.

ROOF Executive Director Sheryl Soukup will be presenting at the upcoming conference. Along with Jack Humburg, Soukup will be discussing Housing for Persons with Mental and Developmental Disabilities within a Community at Large.


In the past several years, new affordable housing opportunities have become available for people with developmental disabilities. The presenters will discuss various housing options for individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as success stories that will demonstrate how each option can be achieved. Participants will learn how community partnerships can lead to the development of neighborhoods that are intentionally designed to include people with disabilities in natural proportions. In addition, participants will learn how landlords and support providers can work together to increase successful outcomes for tenants with disabilities. The presenters will explain how funding sources can be layered to finance the development of affordable housing opportunities for people with disabilities. Data will be presented on the housing needs and preferences of individuals with developmental disabilities in Florida.

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