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Housing Success: Frank Shalett

In a one-bedroom apartment overlooking a beautiful lake in North Florida, you will find Frank Shalett, his roommate Sheila, and their service dog Mello. Originally from New York, Frank has been renting apartments since he first moved out on his own years ago.

Prior to moving into this apartment, Frank and Sheila struggled with increasing rent and issues with management not providing adequate maintenance. This led Frank to search for a new place to live. It was important for the couple to get the necessary service animal approval so they would be able to bring Mello along with them wherever they ended up.

Being able to afford a place to live that provides necessary amenities and that feels like home is often a challenge for individuals with developmental disabilities relying on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Even for individuals who are employed, affordability without sacrificing quality remains a focus for many. With his own time and resources, Frank was able to search online to find this apartment in a lovely community not too far from his job at Winn-Dixie.

Frank and Sheila make this option affordable by splitting the rent and other household bills. With a full kitchen, washer and dryer in unit, more space than their last apartment, and a view of the lake, he and Michelle are able to enjoy their time together.

Now, Frank finally feels that he has a place to call home.