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Residential Options of Florida (ROOF) was founded as a nonprofit corporation in 2014 with support from the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. The organization was formed by the Florida Inclusive Housing Task Force of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. The task force identified specific issues facing Floridians with intellectual and developmental disabilities who wanted to live in the community, and they knew there were solutions to these pressing problems.

The task force members decided to form ROOF to implement the solutions they identified. Their primary goal was to provide information on housing options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They also wanted to develop tools to help people plan for independent living, to search for housing and to navigate the complex system of housing resources. The task force also decided to collect data to better understand the housing needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to advocate for more inclusionary housing options in Florida.

In essence, ROOF was formed in response to the need for information on and access to housing choices that are affordable, appropriate, attainable, sustainable, accessible, safe and secure and that promote participation in the community-at-large and development of positive relationships for the individual. ROOF continues to work toward that end.