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For Disability Service Providers

It can be a challenge to identify an appropriate and desirable residential setting that your consumers can afford. Timing is everything, and locating an appropriate setting when the consumer is ready can be difficult. Sometimes a unit comes up for rent before your consumers are ready. Sometimes they are ready but have to wait for an extended time period while an appropriate residential setting is located. ROOF can help you find a residential option that works for your consumer. Start by using the resources on this website. Click on a circle below to learn more.

are they ready  finding a home assisting with the transition maintaining success over time 

If you still have questions, please call us at 239-774-ROOF (239-774-7663).

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Keys to Success

Sometimes the key to success is learning about how someone else found their new home. To hear the true stories of real people who have succeeded in finding a home they love, please visit our Video Gallery or News Page. You can also connect with ROOF on social media where we share real stories of real people living in communities across Florida.

To share your success story, contact us at info@flroof.org.