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Housing Success Spotlight: Cody Bowman


At 30 years old, living on my own has made a huge difference in my life. I am not the same person I was before I moved into my own apartment. I am happier and feel that I have more freedom and independence. I am finally living the life I always dreamed about. I don’t have to live my life by anyone else’s rules anymore. I live life for me now! I waited a long time for accessible housing like the Loveland Village, where I live.

I grew up having to crawl into my bathroom due to my chair not fitting through the doorway or having the need for a ramp to my front door because there was a small step at the entrance. I never knew what it was like to be able to just wheel into my home or wheel into my bathroom without getting out of my chair. Loveland Village took years to come to fruition so I first heard about it when it was in the early stages of funding. I volunteered as a teachers aid in 2012 at The Loveland Center in Venice, FL which is a day center for adults with developmental disabilities.

The Loveland Center was instrumental in securing everything that was needed to make Loveland Village a reality. My job coach also works at the Loveland Center so due to my involvement with the Loveland Center, I was able to keep up to date with the development of the Loveland Village which is adjacent to The Loveland Center. After waiting patiently, construction of the Loveland Village was completed in Spring 2016 and I moved in to my apartment in Summer 2016…it was literally the BEST decision that I have ever made for myself!